Carpobrotus edulis   Hottentot Fig C DD I

Carprobotus edulis

This introduction from South Africa is one of the commonest plants at the seaside on Guernsey. It has beautiful flowers and large succulent leaves but its smothering habit allows little competition. In parts of the Island it is removed by local naturalists because of its threat to more vulnerable species. This happens much to the annoyance of non botanists who regard this sort of action as heresy. There may well be several species or sub species of this plant in the British Isles according to Stace who does not believe the genus has been well characterised.

It has escaped to the coasts of south west England and one or two othe places like Anglesey but as you would expect this South African plant is only rarely found in the far north.

St Sampsons, Guernsey 18th June 2004

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