Cerastium semidecandrum   Little mouse-ear C DD N

Cerastium semidecandrum Cerastium semidecandrum

This is a small member of the Mouse-ear family with the flowers showing in early spring only a few centimetres from the ground. It is a hairy plant and like many of the Cerastiums the flowers looks very similar to each other but the bracts vary. This one should have transparent (scarious) tips and margins to the bracts and the sepals have broad scarious margins.

This species is found at most coastal sites on mainland Britain and inland throughout England. It is absent from the high ground in Scotland and Wales and in Ireland is found only at the coast.

LHS: Newborough Forest 5th April 2005 RHS: Abberfraw dunes, Anglesey 3rd April 2008

Added on 6th April 2005, updated 27th November 2008, updated 12th March 2010

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