Conostylis setigera   Bristly Cottonhead Endemic

Constylis setigera whole Constylis setigera close Constylis setigera bristly leaves

This was the commonest of the Conostylis species we saw during our six week stay in Australia. The very long bristly hairs on the leaves are characteristic. Ther e are two sub species one of which, ssp dasys is rare and known only froma very small area in South western Australia. This one, ssp setigera, is much the commoner of these two endemics.

Conostylis setigera

Conostylis setigera Bristly Cottonhead

W.A. Wild Flower Soc. tour 2007: Mercer Rd. 12th Sept

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Conostylis setigera

W.A. Wild Flower Soc. tour 2007: LHS & Middle Mercer Rd. 12th Sept RHS: nr SW Highway 16th Sept

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