Cotoneaster integerrimus   Common Cotoneaster

Cotoneaster integerrimus whole Cotoneaster integerrimus close

Common in mainland Europe but not found in the British Isles, this was the species which for some time was thought to be the rare native plant growing the Great Orme. This is not surprising as both the flowers and the leaves of these plants are (superficially) remarkably similar. Cotoneaster cambricus is now the accepted name for our native British species and in their excellent book on Cotoneasters, Jeanette Fryer and Beryil Hylmö, both distinguished experts on these plants, believe them to be different. However there remains some doubt in some peoples' minds and perhaps only careful experiments on plant DNA will settle the matter some time in the future.

Identifying Cotoneasters is very tricky and usually needs fruits and leaves but our expert on this Naturetrek holiday was familiar with the species and unlike in the British Isles we saw few other Cotoneaster species with which it could be confused.

Cotoneaster integerrimus

Cotoneaster integerrimus Common Cotoneaster

Val de Fain, Engadine, Switzerland 6th July 2010

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Cotoneaster integerrimus Common Cotoneaster

Amongst rocks in Val de Fain, Engadine, Switzerland 6th July 2010

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