Crataegus azarolus   Mediterranean Medlar

Crataegus azarolus whole Crataegus azarolus leaf

This shrub looks quite like our common British Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) but the leaves are hairy and often split to the base. The fruits are usually yellow sometimes orange as opposed to the dull red of C. monogyna. It has been cultivated in Mediterranean countries for its fruits and is probably only truly native in Crete.

Crataegus azarolus

Crataegus azarolus Mediterranean Medlar

Vouni, Cyprus 17th April 2011

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Crataegus azarolus Mediterranean Medlar

In hills near Donkey sanctuary, Vouni, Cyprus 17th April 2011

Added on 10th May 2011

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