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In a quarry on the opposite side of the Deganwy hills which I am used to botanising in, this tree about eight to ten feet tall was one of several introduced Cotoneasters present. It was a wet day so the usually matt uppersides of the leaves were quite shiny.

It is an introduction from Western Sichuan in China, west of Kangding according to Jeannette Fryer's and Bertil Hylmo's excellent book on Cotoneasters, so I suppose it should really be the Kangding not Kangting Cotoneaster (from Stace 4). There are very few sites where it has been recorded by BSBI and most are in the north of England and Wales.


Cotoneaster pseudoambiguus

Cotoneaster pseudoambiguus Kangting Cotoneaster


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Cotoneaster pseudoambiguus Kangting Cotoneaster

The Vadre, Deganwy, North Wales, 23rd June 2021

Added on 24th June 2021

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