Epilobium hirsutum   Great Willowherb CCC DD N

Epilobium hirsutum whole Epilobium hirsutum close

This is a very common plant and is typically found in marshy ground, the edges of streams or wet meadows. It can grow to almost 2m in height so is well named Great Willowherb. The flowers are large and quite showy for a genus which has few really good looking flowers. Also known as Codlins and Cream you can't really mistake it for another Willowherb.

E. hirsutum has an interesting distribution for it is solidly recorded everywhere in England, Wales and Ireland and southern Scotland but suddenly stops being common around Perthshire. North of this it is usually found only at the coast.

Red Rocks marshes, Wirral, Cheshire 28th June 2005

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