Euphrasia officinalis ssp monticola   Eyebright RR DD N

Euphrasia rostkoviana ssp montana Euphrasia rostkoviana ssp montana

This Eyebright is a member of the Ciliatae which are diploid (one set of chromosomes from each parent) and are less likely to hybridise with tetraploid species. An attractive, large flowered eyebright, it is found in northern hay meadows and is now considered rare or extinct in many parts of its former range. The species has glandular wavy hairs on the upper part of the plant (not visible here).

Although there are quite a few records of this plant from this area of northern England, since 2000 there have been only three altogether in the British Isles. In the past it has been recorded from Cumbria and south Wales and occasionally in south west Ireland but nowhere else in the British Isles.

This particular group of plants had some E. arctica introgression apparent.

Formerly known as Euphrasia rostkoviana ssp montana, this species is now known as Euphrasia officinalis ssp monticola after the publication of New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 (2010) by Clive Stace.

Hillside near Garrigill, Cumbria 16th June 2008

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