Fagopyrum esculentum   Buckwheat C I

Fagopyrum esculentum

This introduced plant from Asia was much more common in the past. It is an unspectacular flower easily overlooked. The saggitate leaves (arrow-shaped) are diagnostic. It has been grown as a crop for centuries and still is in places like Russia. Buckwheat noodles are eaten in Japan and Buckwheat pancakes are favourites in a few countries. Here in the British Isles such is our expectation of high quality wheat grain products, we can regard this once useful plant as a weed.

F. esculentum is common in England though scattered evenly around the country. It is not as common in Wales and is found only in southern Scotland and around the the Inverness area in the north. It is rare in Ireland.

Side of road, Great Orme West, 5th September 2004

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