Gastrolobium bilobum   Heartleaf Poison Endemic

Gastrolobium bilobum whole Gastrolobium bilobum close

This species can be a shrub or a quite tall tree 3 or 4 metres high. The flowers as shown can be deep orange or yellowish but the leaves usually have a slight indentataion with a mucronate tip in the centre. It is found commonly in the south west fro Perth to Albany but there is a population near Esperance too. As with all the endemic Gastrolobium genus (about 100 species) the plant contains the poison monofluoracetic acid which can kill non native species of animal.


Gastrolobium bilobu

Gastrolobium bilobum Heartleaf Poison

Walpole area, Western Australia 17th August 2012

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Gastrolobium bilobum Heartleaf Poison

LHS Yornup, Steve and Wendy's bushland 27th Oct 2013, RHS Walpole area, Western Australia 17th August 2012

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