Gastrolobium calycinum   York Road Poison

Gastrolobium calycinum Gastrolobium calycinum close

This member of the Pea family (Fabaceae) was the subject of investigations in the 19th century because it was suspected as being the cause of poisoning of cattle and sheep. Two Gastrobium genus members: Gastrolobium calycinum and Gastrolobium oxylobioides were found to be the principle problems as they contained a significant amount of monofluoro acetic acid. The puzzling thing at the time was that the local native wildlife seemed unaffected. We now know that the local native fauna had evolved to become immune to the effects of this poison, a fact used to keep down numbers of alien pest animal species such as foxes with no such immunity.

Gastrolobium calycinum

Gastrolobium calycinum York Road Poison


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Gastrolobium calycinum

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