Hakea laurina   Pincushion Hakea Endemic

Hakea laurina wholeHakea laurina

This shrub is endemic to the Western Australia and most sites are on the southern coastal strip of south west Australia near Albany so this one, not far from the Moore reserve on the western coastal strip, is some way from the main population.

When I first caught sight of this I photographed it believing it to be a low flowering Eucalyptus! The leaves are supposed to be reminiscent of a laurel bush hence the species name laurina. It was certainly one of the the most spectacular Hakea species we saw on our various botanical forays in the six weeks we explored the Western Australian springtime.

Hakea laurina

Hakea laurina Pincushion Hakea

Western flora caravan park, 10th September 2007

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Hakea laurina

Western flora caravan park reserve, off Brand Highway, Western Australia 10th September 2007

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