Hieracium pseudoleyi   Purple-flushed Hawkweed RRR DD N Endemic

H.pseudoleyi flower H.pseudoleyi leaves H.pseudoleyi whole

This very rare Hawkweed was once thought to be H. leyi and those on the Orme to be H. decolor. Since both of these are actually different Hawkweeds, the Great Orme plants eventually became known as H. pseudoleyi. It was named after Augustin Ley, a distinguished 19th century botanist and bryologist who in later life concentrated on the difficult genera of Sorbus (Whitebeams), Hieracia (Hawkweeds), Rubus (Blackberries) and Rosa (Roses). Records for this plant come only from The Great Orme and a few places near Llandudno so it is both a UK and a Welsh endemic rarity.

This hawkweed is phyllopodus (has a basal rosette which remains whilst flowering), and can have up to 2 cauline (attached to stem) leaves although this specimen and the others in flower nearby had none. It can have between 2 and 6 flower heads in the wild and more if cultivated.

Full description of this plant is to be found in Flora of Great Britain and Ireland Volume 4 by Peter Sell and Gina Murell.

Limestone cliffs of Great Orme 4th May 2006

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