Juncus bulbosus   Bulbous Rush CCC DD N

Juncus bulbosus

This is a rush which, unfortunately for those of us who find the Juncus genus somewhat difficult, is very variable. It prefers damp or even wet places and doesn't even mind being submerged. It is sometimes recorded as Juncus articulatus because it does have the transverse septa in the leaf. It would probably confuse me because I've often used the presence septa as diagnostic for J. articulatus (Jointed Rush): you squeeze the leaf and as you run it between your fingers, the septa feel like little bumps. The septa are very pronounced in J. articulatus but indistinct in J. bulbosus.

It is actually very common throughout the British Isles and apart from a few places in the midlands of England is found almost everywhere else even in the hills.

Sunnyhurst Hey Reservoir Tip near Darwen. Lancashire 7th June 2007

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