Juncus triglumis   Three-flowered Rush C DD N

Juncus triglumis

This was the single specimen we found near the top of Cronkley Fell on our way to see Helianthemum oelandicum ssp laevigatum (Hoary Rock-rose). It was growing in the acid, peaty areas which had once been water logged - a quite different habitat from the nearby cap of sugar limestone which the Helianthemum enjoys. Unlike many of the Juncus genus this species has terminal, mucronate (spiked) fruits not exceeded by a bract. This is a mountain plant which although not rare, you will usually only find by accident or careful searching. I have seen it on three or four mountains in England, Scotland (most often) and once in Wales in Snowdonia. The wind was blowing strongly when I took this photograph so apologies for the lack of definition.

Although not uncommon in the highlands of Scotland, particularly in the west, it occurs in England only in the northern hills of the Lake District and Teesdale. In Wales it is found only in some parts of Snowdonia. It has not been recorded from Ireland.

Cronkley Fell, Teesdale, 21st June 2005

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