Kalmia procumbens   Trailing Azalea C DDD N

Loiseleuria procumbens

This is a plant of the Scottish highlands not usually being found below 1,200 feet and more commonly higher than that. Finding Kalmia procumbens means you are in the start of the alpine region and should look out for the alpine club mosses and other common plants of the high places.

It is predominantly north western in its distribution and is not found in Snowdonia, the Lake district although the mountains are high enough. It is absent from Ireland.

Kalmia procumbens is a new name for Loiseleuria procumbens given by Clive Stace in New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 in 2010.

Fraoch-bheinn, Scotland, 8th June 2006

Added on 28th June 2006, new name 22nd Nov 2010, May 29th 2012