Lamium confertum   Northern Dead-nettle R DD N

Lamium confertum

This plant is sometimes confused with L. amplexicaule (Henbit Dead-nettle) according to some texts largely because the flowers are exserted from the calyx. However it was obvious to us that the leaves and bracts were not at all like Lamium amplexicaule but rather similar to L. hybridum (Cut-leaved dead-nettle) although the serrated edge was not as marked. The combination of these characteristics plus the large spreading calyx indicated L. confertum which has now been confirmed.

Lamium confertum is only rarely recorded in England and the stronghold is, as you would expect, in Scotland with the greatest density of sites being near the coast. It is dotted about in Ireland.

Waste Soil, Black Isle, Scotland 16th May 2007

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