Lavandula x intermedia   Garden Lavender C DD I

Lavatera x intermedia

It's always a problem whether to include obvious garden plants when you're supposed to be a botanist looking for wild plants. One solution is discount everything unless it has very obviously got there by natural means. This was such a position half way up a stone wall. This lavender is widely grown in gardens and some hybrids are sterile but clearly there must be some fertile plants otherwise this one would never have arrived at this site. The great thing about about plants growing out of walls is that it is very likely they were bird-sown or something like that.

If you attempted to grow a garden plant like this in a crack in a wall you'd fail miserably.

Wall near German cemetery, Guernsey, 22nd June 2004

Added on November 14th 2004, updated 30th March 2010

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