Limonium procerum ssp procerum   Tall Sea-lavender RR DD N Endemic

Limonium procerum ssp procerum Limonium procerum ssp procerum

This is one of the a difficult group of Sea-lavenders which in the old days we lumped together as "Rock sea-lavender". Now they are split into various species and sub-species many of which are endemic to the British Isles. There is some helpful guidance in Stace Editions 2 & 3 who was instrumental in splitting this group.

Fortunately this site can be very specifically described and the County recorder knew exactly where these plants grew. She was able to identify them without hesitation. The habitat is exactly what you would expect for a plant called Rock Sea-lavender. It grows on steep rocks at the top of the tide line but this year flowered earlier than usual in the hot summer. These photos are of a plant passed its best.

This is the one known outpost in north Wales, the rest being in South Wales, Cornwall the south coast of England and the east coast of Ireland. There is none in Scotland and not very much anywhere.

Near Grand Hotel, Llandudno 3rd August 2006

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