Linaria supina   Pyrenean Toadflax

Linaria supina whole Linaria supina close

A little smaller than our common British Linaria vulgaris (Common Toadflax) but with vaguely similar yellow flowers this plant, usually annual, grows to 6,000 feet in the Pyrenees but can also be found all over Spain and France. The narrow grey green leaves and glandular hairs are typical but it also has veins on the curved spur which characterise many European Toadflax species.

Linaria supina

Linaria supina Pyrenean Toadflax

Ossue valley, French Pyrenees, 10th June 2009

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Linaria supina Pyrenean Toadflax

LHS: Ossue valley, French Pyrenees, 10th June 2009, RHS Above Lake Engolasters, Andorra 22nd June 2012

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