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An essential food plant for the common blue butterfly, you find this in and near dune systems by the sea as well as inland. I took the photo of L. corniculatus by the seaside during the Foot and Mouth epidemic of 2001 when most country places were out of bounds. Here it is growing with Silene uniflora (Sea Campion) and Eryngium maritimum (Sea Holly) on the sea shore - below the winter tide line too. According to Geoffrey Grigson in his excellent book The Englishman's Flora, there are more than 70 common names for this plant!

This is one of the British Isles' commonest plants being recorded at all altitudes and latitudes in the British Isles including the remote outer islands.


Lotus corniculatus

Lotus corniculatus Bird's-foot-trefoil

Great Orme, North Wales 24th April 2008

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Lotus corniculatus

Lotus corniculatus Bird's-foot Trefoil

Near Abermenai point, Anglesey 22nd May 2001

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Lotus corniculatus Bird's-foot-trefoil Lotus corniculatus Bird's-foot-trefoil habitat

LHS: Great Orme, North Wales 24th April 2008 RHS: Near Abermenai point, Anglesey 22nd May 2001

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