Lychnis coronaria   Rose Campion DD I

Lychnis coronaria

This is a commonly grown garden plant introduced from southern Europe which escapes and competes surprisingly well in rough countryside. The site for this plant has decreasing numbers but they have been present for nearly 25 years competing with brambles and tall herbs.

Lychnis coronaria has escaped effectively in the south east of England and is found most often around centres of population as you would expect. So in Scotland there is some round the central belt and some near Inverness. Only a little has escaped in Wales and Ireland.

Re-directed to Silene coronaria.


Lychnis coronaria Rose Campion

Ham River Lands, London, 7th July 2007

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Lychnis coronaria

By River Weaver, Frodsham, Chehsire 9th July 2005

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