Lycium barbarum   Duke of Argyle's Teaplant DD I

Lycium barbarum whole

A common plant of the country lane and seaside, sometimes it appears to be a very shy flowerer and sometimes is covered in blooms. The strange English name arises from The Duke of Argyll's enthusiasm for exotic species. He was sent a Lycium incorrectly labelled as a Thea (Tea) and a Thea labelled as Lycium. So this is his "Tea plant" introduced from China.

Lycium barbarum has established itself throughout most of England and in Wales mostly along the coast. Records thin as you go north into Scotland but there is a good concentration aroiund Inverness. It is mostly found dotted around the coast in Ireland.

Lycium barbarum

Lycium barbarum Duke of Argyle's Teaplant

Red Rocks dunes, Wirral, 29th April 2005

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Lycium barbarum Duke of Argyle's Teaplant

Guernsey, L'Ancresse Common,  19th June 2004

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