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This is quite a common plant of late summer usually found at the edges of ponds, lakes or in wet dune slacks. Although named after Lysimachos, King of Thrace, a similar Greek word lusimachos means "ending strife".

It has however caused much strife in North America where it is sometimes called the Beautiful Killer because of its ability to swamp wetlands with huge stands of rapidly spreading plants. It is an invasive alien in North America and is greeted with the same welcome that we treat Fallopia japonica (Japanese Knotweed) in the UK.

Lythrum salicaria is common in England, Wales and Ireland but in Scotland is only found in good numbers in the west.


Lythrum salicaria

Lythrum salicaria Purple-loosestrife

Pond near Rudheath, Cheshire 3rd September 2005

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Lythrum salicaria Purple-loosestrife

LHS: Pond near Rudheath, Cheshire 3rd September 2005 RHS Dune slack, Sefton Coast, 23rd July 2005

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