Melilotus altissimus   Tall Melilot DD I

Melilotus altissimus whole Melilotus altissimus close

This European introduction is found in similar places to M. albus (White Melilot) and can grow over 1.5 m in height with plenty of flowers which often last late into the Autumn. It is very similar in many respects to M. officinalis (Ribbed Melilot) but the seeds of M altissimus are hairy and of M. officinalis glabrous (bald).

M. altissimus is common in England and near the coast in Wales but records become scarcer as you go north into Scotland where the greatest frequency is around the central industrial belt. There is little in the north of Scotland and in Ireland it is very scarce with just a few records in the east.

Frodsham Marsh, Cheshire 9th July 2005

Added on November 9th 2005, updated 1st January 2011

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