Melilotus officinalis   Ribbed Melilot DD I

Melilotus officinalis whole Melilotus officinalis flower Melilotus officinalis leaf

This is a European introduction which looks very similar to M. altissimus (Tall melilot) - both can be quite tall plants up to 1.5 m in height. The characteristic most often quoted to split these plants is the appearance of the mature seed. The seed of M. officinalis is brown, glabrous and transversely ridged (muricate) but M. altissimus also transversely ridged is black and pubescent.

There is not much of this plant to be found in Ireland, northern Scotland or mid Wales but in England it is common.

Ham River Lands, Near River Thames, 7th July 2007

Added on 4th February 2008, updated 1st January 2011

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