Mercurialis annua   Annual Mercury C DD N

Mercurialis annua whole male Mercurialis annua fruit female Mercurialis annua flowers female

M. annua is a frequently found weed in cities, towns and waste places in the south east of England but records quickly become fewer as you go north. It is present in Wales and Cornwall only in small numbers and dotted here and there in the north of England and southern Scotland. In Ireland it is found in the east and there is a good concentration of records around parts of the east coast including Dublin where some of these plants were photographed.

The plant is dioecious which means that male and female flowers are on separate plants. The female flowers are shown along with bur-like fruits in the centre and right hand side photos.

LHS: Wall nr German Cemetery, Guernsey 22nd June 2004 Middle and RHS: Coast near Dublin 20th June 2009

Added on 14th November 2004, updated 2nd January 2011

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