Mercurialis perennis   Dog's-mercury CC DD N

Mercurialis perennis Mercurialis perennis anthers

A very early flowering plant of the woodlands, this is one of the first I look for in March or even February.  It's name has an involved derivation and in old English would indicate the poisonous nature of the plant. It is dioecious which means there are separate male and female flowers. This is a male with long spikes with anthers protruding.

This is a very common woodland plant throughout the British Isles and flowers very early in Spring. In these warmer times it can be found in flower in the Autumn preceding the Spring when it would normally flower.

LHS: Warburton Wood 14th April 2006, Cheshire RHS: Coed Cilygroeslwyd 2nd February 2007

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