Microsorum pustulatum   Hound's-tongue Fern

Microsoum pustulatum whole Microsoum pustulatum upper frond Microsoum pustulatum under frond

Also known as Kangaroo Fern like M. diversifolium, this fern is usually epiphytic (grows on other vegetation like trees) but can be lithophytic (grows on rocks) and both habitats are shown here. The shape of the frond varies and it can be undivided or pinnate. As can be seen from the large photo, the clusters of spores (sori) have no indusium (cover or cap) and lie in little mounds on the underside of the frond.

Microsorum pustulatum

Microsorum pustulatum Hound's-tongue Fern

Temperate Forest, Gordon River, Strahan, Tasmania 30th August 2007

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Microsorum pustulatum Hound's-tongue Fern Sori

LHS: Near St Helens, Tasmania 4th Sept 2007 RHS: Forest, Gordon River, Strahan; Tasmania 30th Aug 2007

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