Milium effusum   Wood Millet C DD N

Milium effusum whole Milium effusum florets Milium effusum leaf

This graceful and tall grass grows, as its name suggests, in deep shade or in woodland. The graceful downward arching branches of florets and the wide leaf are characteristics which can be used to identify the plant but it remains very difficult to photograph. The light levels where it typically grows are low but enough sunlight usually filters through the surrounding vegetation to fool the camera. In addition there is a great deal of space between the individual florets making it nearly impossible to get a whole plant in a frame with enough detail to characterise the species.

It is a common grass in Central and Southern England but less common in Wales and sparsely distributed in Scotland and Ireland.

Woodland near Helsby Quarry, Cheshire 24th may 2006

Added on 25th May 2006, updated 3rd January 2011