Nicotiana paniculata   Sticky Snuff

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Like most plants of the Nicotiana genus which have naturalised themselves in European countries or colonies, this one is of south American origin.

The tobacco used by the south America natives prior to the Spanish conquest is believed to have been a hybrid between this plant, Nicotiana paniculata and Nicotiana rustica. However the one sent back to Europe was Nicotiana tabacum named after a French ambassador Jean Nicot who sent the seed to the Royal French court.

The name "Sticky Snuff" is a translation of the local name used in Tenerife and refers to the sticky glandular hairs on this plant.


Nicotiana paniculata

Nicotiana paniculata Sticky Snuff

Cliff path, Puerto de la Cruz,Tenerife 9th Feb 2009

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Nicotiana paniculata Sticky Snuff

Waste places Puerto de la Cruz,Tenerife 9th Feb 2009

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