Orchis anthropophora   Man Orchid R DD N

Aceras anthropophorum Aceras anthropophorum close

This is another of those orchids which being brownish in colour and growing in grass about the same height, can be overlooked. The English name derives from the appearance of the flower to a hanged man.

Taxonomy: The name Aceras anthropophora (L.) R.Br. which is still used by some texts and lists such as the BSBI 2007 and the Kent list of plants, is now deemed a synonym by the major databases. The accepted correct name dfor this taxon by Kew , World Checklist and most modern books on British and European orchids is Orchis anthropophora (L.) All.

It grows on chalky soils and prefers warm climates so is confined to south eastern England with none in Scotland, Ireland or Wales.


Orchis anthropophora Man Orchid

3d June 2007 Grasslands on Ranscombe Farm, Kent

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Orchis anthropophora

3d June 2007 Grasslands on Ranscombe Farm, Kent

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