Orchis anthropophora   Man Orchid

Orchis anthropophora whole Orchis anthropophora close Orchis anthropophora floret

This is a special and rare orchid found in the south of the U.K. but in the woods of the Spanish Lake District National Park and on the hillsides of the Gargano in Italy, it was quite common. The close-up of the floret gives a clue to the common name for this plant.

Taxonomy: The name Aceras anthropophora (L.) R.Br. which is still used by some texts, is now deemed a synonym by the major databases. The accepted correct name for this taxon by Kew, World Checklist and most modern European orchids books is Orchis anthropophora (L.) All.

Orchis anthropophora

Orchis anthropophora English

Fields Near Monte St. Angelo, Gargano, Italy 19th April 2009

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Orchis anthropophora

National Park, Lake District near Ardales, Andalucia, Spain 27th March 2008

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