Parentucellia viscosa   Yellow Bartsia

Parentucellia viscosa whole Parentucellia viscosa close

This is a semi-parasitic plant which invades the roots of other plants to gain nutrients. It has been introduced to both north America and Australia where it can be invasive. The European plants look very similar to those found in southern England which should not perhaps be surprising as they are the same species but often European plants can look markedly different in habit and colour from the ones we see in more temperate northern climates of the British Isles.

Parentucellia viscosa

Parentucellia viscosa Yellow Bartsia

Outside Sianna, Rhodes 14th May 2010

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Parentucellia viscosa Yellow Bartsia

Near Ano Stallos, Crete, 8th April 2007

Added on February 15th 2011

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