Parietaria judaica   Pellitory-of-the-Wall CCC DD N

Parietaria judaica whole Parietaria judaica close

This plant grows all over walls in Cheshire but I do see it in areas with basic soils too so it can't be that fussy. It is one of those plants with tiny rather indistinct flowers so if you photograph them close-up it looks nothing like the plant but at a distance as in this shot, you can't make out the shape of the flowers at all.

The old name of this plant was Parritory which is derived from the Latin Parietarius. So its name could be translated as: Wall of the wall.

P. judaica is common throughout England and much of Wales but is less common in mid Scotland and uncommon in the far north. In ireland it is commonest in the south.

Great Orme. North Wales 5th June 2003

Added on November 23rd 2004, updated February 21st 2011

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