Persicaria maculosa   Redshank CCC DD N

Perscaria maculosa whole Perscaria maculosa close Perscaria maculosa red close

This is a very common weed which is found in wet places, fields, waste ground and even growing out of the crack between pavement and wall. A late summer flowerer it is usually the pink colour in the left but the unusual red form shwon was in every other respect a normal P. maculosa. The spots on the leaves (hence maculosa) are said in one tale to have come from drops of Jesus' blood which fell on the plant under the cross.

Apart from some of the high mountainous areas of Scotland this plant is found throughout the British Isles.

Persicaria maculosa

Persicaria maculosa Redshank

Helsby field, Cheshire 20th June 2005

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Persicaria maculosa Redshank

LHS & Middle: Helsby field, Cheshire 20th June 2005 RHS: Stocks reservoir, Lancs, 22nd Sept 2005

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