Polygala nicaeensis   Nice Milkwort

Polygala nicaensis blue whole Polygala nicaensis pink whole

This plant is quite small and quite similar to Polygala vulgaris (Milkwort) found in the UK but has almost linear leaves and is either pink or white. It can grow at heights of up to 5,500 feet and so is found on the slopes of high hills and in the Pyrenees, Cevennes, Apeninnes and the Alps as well as here in the Gargano hills.

Polygala nicaeensis

Polygala nicaeensis Nice Milkwort

Slopes of Monte Sacro, Gargano, Italy 22nd April 2009

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Polygala nicaeensis Nice Milkwort

Mountains near Pescichi, Gragano Italy 24th April 2009

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