Polygala myrtifolia   Myrtle-leaved Milkwort Introduced

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The native Milkwort species which have similar shaped flowers are in the Comesperma genus in Western Australia but this is an introduction from South Africa. It isn't at all weedy or invasive in its native country but here in Western Australia it can spread quickly crowding out native plants. It is a declared plant under the Natural Resources Management Act 2004 and owners of the land can be required to clear manifestations.

This patch of land by a side road had plenty of the dense Myrtle-leaved Milkwort shrubbery but also many other non-native species growing nearby. It is now found in Eastern states as well as Western Australia.


Polygala myrtifolia

Polygala myrtifolia Myrtle-leaved Milkwort

Waste ground off Dingup Rd, nr Manjimup Western Australia 25th September 2015

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Polygala myrtifolia Myrtle-leaved Milkwort

Verge of Starkey's Road nr Manjimup, Western Australia 24th September 2015

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