Polygonatum odoratum   Angular Solomon's-seal RR DD N

Polygonatum odoratum

We found quite a few patches many of P. odoratum which hardly flower at all in the grikes of the limestone pavement at this site. You have to be careful searching for any plants on this famous reserve as the place is full of holes waiting to trip you particularly when you're looking up to avoid the branches of small trees and shrubs. Adding to that it's easy to get lost. When in the middle all directions looks the same. I use a GPS device to find my way out of this place these days.

Polygonatum odoratum is dotted here and there in England but there are two main areas where most plants are found. One is in north Lancashire and the other around the Gloucestershire area. Other than those there are a very few sites in Wales and Scotland and only one in Ireland.

Gaitbarrows, north Lancashire 12th June 2004

Added on January 31st 2005, updated 17th July 2011

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