Polygonatum x hybridum   Garden Solomon's-seal DD N

Polygonatum x hybridum whole Polygonatum x hybridum close

The main characteristic which distinguishes the native Polygonatum multiflorum (Solomon's-seal) from Polygonatum x hybridum (Garden Solomon's-seal) is the nature of the stems. The garden hybrid has some ridges but the native P. multiflorum has stems with a completely round (terete) cross-section. Ridges can be clearly seen on the stems of these plants. Plants of garden origin are often to be found as garden throwouts nor far from to but this collection was some distance from habitation and had spread from the original site.

This plant was tall enough to be spotted easily from a car moving at 60 mph as we travelled back from the last Highland League football match of the season where Rothes FC beat Fraserburgh 3-0 - a round trip of about 850 miles in one day.

P. x hybridum has been recorded from the wild in many parts of England Wales and Scotland but mostly in the north in Ireland.

Roadside verge south of Charlestown of Aberlour, Scotland 22nd May 2010

Added on May 24th 2010

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