Potentilla rupestris   Rock Cinquefoil RRR DDD N

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This is known from two sites in mid Wales and two in Scotland. At this site the plant is in no danger and is seen dotted all over the rock. It is said to be a June to July flowerer in some books but our advice was to go in May. Clearly it would be at its best in late May and although the specimens on the lower accessible part of the rock were finished, those on the inaccessible (except by abseiling) parts still had flowers on in mid June.

This site is easy to see from the forest track but very tricky to get to over loose moss covered rock. Excellent for ankle breaking. In case that isn't enough we were also informed that the bracken covered slopes are infested with adders which like to bask in any sunshine on the same rock as the plant you seek. If you are really lucky you can also get dive bombed by Peregrine Falcons which nest nearby - fortunately our day was somewhat gloomy and cold so we didn't see any adders although the Peregrines were mewling loudly.

As well as having a white flower when most Cinquefoils have yellow ones, this is quite a large upright plant and the specimens we saw were 25 to 40 cm tall and well branched.

Migdale Rock, Scotland 20th June 2006

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