Potentilla reptans   Creeping Cinquefoil CCC DD N

Potentilla reptans whole Potentilla reptans whole

This is a prostrate and quite common member of the Potentilla genus but it does look at first glance very similar to many of the others. The flowers always have five petals and five leaflets. When in mid-season the ground nearby is often covered in long stolons (stems which creep above ground). Potentilla anglica (Trailing Tormentil) with which it might be confused looks very similar and does have stolons but some of the flowers have only four petals and lower leaves have three, four or five leaflets.

In the early part of the season the creeping nature of the plant is only evident by the dead or woody stolons from previous years.

Potentilla reptans is very common throughout England, Wales and Ireland but records start to become fewer as you venture past the industrial belt in Scotland. There is very little to be found in the Highlands or the far north of Scotland.

Pensarn beach, Abergele 4th May 2005

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