Ranunculus lingua   Greater Spearwort C DD N

Ranunculus lingua whole Ranunculus lingua close

This is a tall member of the Buttercup family and I usually expect the plants to be at least 1 metre in height if not more. I have only seen it in ones and twos at the edges of Hatchmere and on lakes in Wales but today I found several huge patches locally. Perhaps I've never visited the marshes at the right time before but I was amazed at the numbers of this plant. It is grown by people with ponds so some has escaped and has been naturalised

Ranunculus lingua is reasonably common throughout England without being widespread. It is far less common in Wales except in the north and south. In Scotland it can be found around the industrial belt but is uncommon elsewhere. In Ireland it is dotted around in the centre of the island.

Ranunculus lingua

Ranunculus lingua Greater Spearwort

Frodsham marshes, Cheshire 14th June 2005

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Ranunculus lingua Greater Spearwort

LHS: Frodsham marshes, Cheshire 14th June 2005 RHS: Wimbledon Common, London 30th June 2006

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