Ranunculus penicillatus   Stream Water-crowfoot C DD N

Ranunculus penicillatus whole Ranunculus penicillatus close

It's a good job this had already been properly identified for us on this WFS London meeting because the habitat was completely wrong. It was flowering in a small pond in a park and we were assured that it hadn't been introduced (Hmmm...).

This is normally a plant of fast flowing rivers and streams and there are two sub species: ssp penicillatus is heterophyllous which means it has flat laminar leaves and thin capillary ones too. spp pseudofluitans has only capillary leaves just like this one so perhaps this was Ranunculus penicillatus ssp pseudofluitans.

The distribution is fairly even across England, Wales and Ireland but it becomes increasingly rare as you travel into Scotland.

Ranunculus penicillatus

Ranunculus penicillatus Stream Water-crowfoot

Bedington Park, South London 2nd July 2006

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Ranunculus penicillatus Stream Water-crowfoot

Beddington Park, South London 2nd July 2006

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