Rubus tuberculatus   "Railway Bramble" C DD N

Rubus tuberculatus

This is a sprawling bramble which readily creates impenetrable thickets - as many brambles like to do. It is so often identified as the one which populates the banks of railway lines that our Wild Flower Society Bramble expert David Earl gave it the unofficial name "The Railway Bramble" -so much more interesting than "a Bramble". Of course identifying Brambles is such a difficult task that the photo of just a flower means very little but this site celebrates the attractiveness and variety of wild flowers not buds, stems, leaves and prickles however important they may be to the field botanist.

As though to confirm the trivial name given to this plant the majority of the records seem to follow the west coast railway line from the north of England southwards but that may just be the hunting ground of one particular bramble expert.

anks of railway line, Irwell Vale, Lancashire 7th June 200

Added on 20th February 2008, updated January 23rd 2012

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