Rubus ulmifolius   Elm-leaved Bramble C DD N

Rubus ulmifolius leaves Rubus ulmifolius flowers

This bramble reproduces sexually unlike many which are apomictic. The leaves are supposed to be a bit like those of an Elm tree but then Bramble experts are known for their wild imaginations. It grows happily on chalk or limestone and will tolerate quite alkaline conditions. Identification of this bramble is made a little easier by the white bloom which is often seen on the stems and the elliptic leaves which are tomentose on the underside. Otherwise it looks just like any other blackberry bush (to me).

It is quite common throughout England but rare in Scotland. It is also common in southern Ireland than the north and there aren't many records for mid Wales.

Southease, Sussex 8th July 2007

Added on 21st February 2008, updated January 23rd 2012

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