Salix x laurina   Laurel-leaved Willow RR DD N

Salix x laurina

This is one of the few willow hybrids which has an English name because it is grown in parks and gardens. It is the hybrid between Salix cinerea (Grey Willow) and Salix phylicifolia (Tea-leaved Willow) = Salix x laurina and, when native, is mostly found in northern England and southern Scotland. The few reports from southern England are probably garden escapes.

Both parents grow on the banks of the Tees so perhaps a hybrid might be expected and the leaves do have the look of Salix phylicifolia (Tea-leaved willow) to an extent. To be precise this shrub would have to be the hybrid between Salix cinerea ssp cinerea (Grey Willow) and Salix phylicifolia (Tea-leaved Willow) because these are exact parents nearby and the closely related hybrid Salix cinerea ssp oleifolia (Rusty Sallow) x Salix phylicifolia is also known as Salix x laurina and has been found in Ireland.

Thanks again to Vincent Jones for identifying this unusual hybrid on our WFS Teesdale expedition.

Bank of River Tees 21st June 2005

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