Salvia verbenaca   Wild Clary C DD N

Salvia verbenaca whole Salvia verbenaca close

This plant which has a very short flowering period after which it virtually disappears without trace. It can be cleistogamous which means that it doesn't have to open the flowers in order for self-pollination and seed setting to take place. It had been known from this site for over twenty years to my knowledge but is, according to Stace reducing in numbers. It has now disappeared from two of the sites on the Great Orme by may perhaps persist elsewhere.

There are two subspecies: the common ssp horminoides and ssp verbenaca which is very rare.

Salvia verbenaca ssp horminoides is found most often in East Anglia and Southern coastal regions of England but far less frequently in the North of England, Scotland and there is very little in Ireland.

Great Orme, North Wales 27th May 2006

Added on 28th May 2006, updated 27th January 2012

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