Saxifraga exarata   White Musky Saxifrage

Saxifraga exarata whole Saxifraga exarata close

A variable species which can have white, pale yellow or even pinkish flowers, Saxifraga exarata now subsumes Saxifraga moschata (Musky Saxifrage) as a subspecies. It is found in the Alps, the Balkan mountains, Caucasus, Apennines and Anatolia (old Asia minor) in Turkey. It is usually found on acidic rocks from 4,000 feet and even grows as high as 13,000 feet.


Saxifraga exarata

Saxifraga exarata White Musky Saxifrage

Swiss Alps above Pontresina, 5th July 2010

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Saxifraga exarata White Musky Saxifrage

LHS: Padon refuge, Dolomites 30th June 2014 RHS: Piz Nair, Swiss Alps, 10th July 2010

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