Scirpus sylvaticus   Wood Club-rush C DD N

Scirpus sylvaticus whole Scirpus sylvaticus close

This can be a tall plant over 1 metre in height. It has rounded triangular stems and the inflorescence has a spreading habit. The Scirpus genus once had more than 300 species but it has been split into Scirpus of which S. sylvaticus is the only British Isles native and others such as Bolboschoenus, Schoenoplectus, Scirpiodes and Eleogiton. As these taxonomic changes have happened relatively recently some botanists and texts still refer to Scirpus fluitans instead of Eleogiton fluitans or Scirpus maritimus instead of Bolboschoenus maritimus.

S. sylvaticus is common in southern and central England but far less common in Wales and eastern England and northern Scotland. In Ireland it is mostly found in the north.

Edge of Bude canal 19th July 2008

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